Recipe: Dallae ganjang (wild chive soy sauce)

One of the common ways to eat dallae (달래, Korean wild chive) is making dallae ganjang (달래간장), a tasty and useful sauce that helps brighten up any meal. Just thinking about the mildly pungent flavors of dallae reminds me of spring and makes my mouth water! Dallae ganjang can be eaten with all kinds of rice dishes, but an easy way to serve it is with rice wrapped in untoasted dried seaweed. It’s a bite of sea and spring all at the same time.



30g dallae (one very small handful, or about ⅓ bunch)

1 tbs Joseon ganjang (traditional soy sauce)

2 tbs water

½ tsp ggaesogeum (crushed roasted sesame seed)

⅓ tsp gochutgaroo (red chili powder, optional)

1 tsp perilla oil or sesame oil



1. Chop dallae roughly.

2. Mix all ingredients.

3. Serve.



Dallae ganjang can be stored for up to two days but I really don’t recommend it—the dallae will lose its fragrance, so it’s better to make this à la minute so that you can enjoy the fresh taste of spring. You can also serve this with any kind of rice dish. Try frying an egg, placing it over a bowl of hot rice, and drizzling a spoonful or two of dallae ganjang on top.

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  1. Do you know where/how I can buy the seeds to grow in my garden? I’ve tried transplanting dallae for 2 years, but without success.

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