Recipe: Dureup sukhoe, blanched Aralia shoots

A simple and delicious way to eat dureup (두릅, Aralia shoots) is sukhoe (숙회, blanching or parboiling, pronounced “sook-hwae”).


Serves 2


10 to 12 shoots of dureup

A good amount of water for blanching

A few pinches of salt

Cho-gochujang (vinegared gochujang) for dipping


1. Clean and trim your dureup (see this video if you have late-season dureup with thorns)

2. Bring pot with good amount of water to a boil. Add a few pinches of salt, which will help bring out the dureup’s color better.


3. When the water comes to a hard boil, add the cleaned dureup, stems first. Cook for about 1 minute. Check the bottom of the stems with your cake tester. If it goes through smoothly, it is done.


4. Immediately take them out and shock in an ice bath.

5. Gently squeeze out the moisture and serve with dipping sauce.


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