How to shuck an abalone

Shucking abalone is easier than you think—just make sure you’re holding it properly and cut off the right bits!

We shucked quite a few abalone for our spring pop-up and also got a few tips from our friends over at Abalone Farmers. Here’s how it’s done:

You’ll need: a small brush (a toothbrush will do), a cutting board, a metal spoon or butter knife, a chef’s knife and rubber gloves (optional).

unwashed on L, washed on R

Step 1: Wash your abalone under cold running water with the toothbrush. You want to get off all of that dark layer.

Step 2: Notice how the abalone has a sharp edge and a rounded edge.

sharp edge


rounded edge

Place the rounded edge of the shell against your palm. This is important because gripping the sharp edge could result in a nasty slice on your palm. Trust us, you don’t want this to happen. You can also wear rubber gloves to get a better grip on the shell and avoid cuts.


Step 3: Using the edge of your spoon or butter knife, get underneath the body of the abalone and work your way around the muscle, cutting in and leveraging it upward. You may have to use some force, so be careful!


Step 4: When you’ve removed the body, you’ll see the abalone innards on display, which you’ll want to slice off and save. You can eat this raw though the flavor is a little strong for some. We recommend saving it for jeonbok-juk (전복죽, abalone porridge).



Step 5: Find the edge with the teeth and cut this bit off.


Step 6: Slice up your abalone. You can eat it now fresh (it will be mild and crunchy) or add it to porridge or stews. Try out these recipes:

jeonbok sul-jjim (전복술찜, abalone steamed in wine)

jeonbok juk (전복죽, abalone porridge)

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