Pop-up with Magpie Brewing

It was a busy week at the Bburi studio—right after wrapping up a private cooking class at Mangwon Market, we got a call from Magpie Brewing“We’re turning 5 this weekend—any interest in doing a pop-up with us?” We love us some Magpie beer so it wasn’t hard to say yes. Seoyoung got to work on a menu, and we took a trip to Gyeongdong Market for ingredients.

And then we tested baguettes from all over Seoul…

Soooo many baguettes…

For our purposes, the winner was the Fritz baguette! The bakers there used to run a small place called The Oven and Kettle (오븐과 주전자) but now have a set-up at Fritz Coffee.

On the menu:

Lotus and carrot chips

Three kinds of toast (L to R):

Pine nut mustard chicken, soy-sauce anchovy, and gochujang deodeok.

We had friends who came to visit and met some new folks too (and we’re pretty sure Hassan bought about half the anchovy toasts). Thank you to the Magpie crew for hosting us and to everyone who came out to support us! All the profits from our events go straight into funding Bburi trips and research (and coffee to keep us going) so thank you for helping make this event a success. 🙂

Until next time!

photo by Lee Jookyung
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