Recipe: Mu gul-bap (radish oyster rice)

In Korea, a cold winter wind is a sign of many things, but one thing is for sure: Mu (무, Korean radishes) are getting sweeter and tastier, and it’s finally the right season for oysters again. 

A great way to enjoy both ingredients together is making rice with them. Juices from the sweet winter radishes and the flavorful brine of the oysters seasons rice blend perfectly for a healthy, delicious one-bowl meal.


300g julienned mu

250g shucked oysters

1.5c rice*

1.5c water*

1 tsp of perilla oil (or substitute sesame oil)

3×4 cm piece dashima (다시마, dried kelp), optional

For serving: seasoned soy sauce (see below)

*Keep in mind that 1 cup in Korea is 200ml, while an American cup is 240ml


1. The day before, soak your dashima in 1.5c cold water overnight.

2. Day-of, wash your rice twice and soak it for at least 20 minutes. (If using a 1:1 mixture of brown and white rice, soak for 30 minutes; other grains can take even longer.)

3. Meanwhile, julienne the mu.

4. Rinse oysters gently with sea salt mixed in a little water. Pick out any bits of shell or debris you find.

5. Drain your rice and place into a heavy-bottomed pot.

6. Add mu, kelp water, and perilla oil. Mix well, cover the pot, and place on high heat.

7. Once the rice comes to a hard boil, cook for 8 minutes on high heat, then open the lid, mix well and reduce the heat to medium low and put the lid back on. It should cook for at least 7 minutes at medium low.

8. Add oysters. Cover the pot. Turn off the heat and let it cook in the residual heat for 5 minutes.

9. It’s ready to serve! Divide into two bowls and drizzle a little yangnyeom ganjang (양념간장, seasoned soy sauce) over the top before eating.

Here’s how I make yangnyeom ganjang.

Mix together:

– 3tbs Joseon ganjang

– Pinch of crushed sesame seeds

– Pinch of minced garlic

– Pinch of gochugaru

– ½ tsp of sesame oil or perilla oil (or more, if you want!)

– Optional: About 2 tbs chopped dallae or scallion

Super easy, right? 🙂

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